With the introduction of kiteboarding to the Olympics in 2020, we are now working hard and sharing our expertise and passion with the new generation of riders.

Our high-profile training programs are designed to bring you to the highest level of competition and performance. We count on world-champion riders and coaches among our experts to deliver the best training adapted to your goals and bring the future champions to the podium.

We are backed by over 20 years of experience in the watersports industry and partnered with the official brands at competitions to access the right gear and develop the right skills.

Our programs are adapted to the different modalities, from freestyle to big air and the new Olympic modality: Formula Kite. All our training sessions are supervised and analyzed by experts in each area. We use Bb Talking, two-way communication radio helmets, video analysis, boat/jet ski support, debriefing, and theory sessions to understand the physics and technical aspects that will bring you to the highest level.

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