Learn and progress in the most impressive extreme watersport. Kitesurfing in Saudi Arabia is one of the most amazing experiences you can have while visiting us. Feel the wind and slide through the water.

Our experienced VDWS and IKO instructors will teach and guide you through a fantastic journey to discover the one-of-kind extreme sport. We are focused on progression and building independent riders—all of this using the latest Ozone, Crazy fly and Ocean Rodeo equipment.

We do not stop here. For the eager-to-learn and progress, we offer training programs. Jumping into the next level of kitesurfing, learning freestyle maneuvers, jumping higher, learning how to hydrofoil and ride waves. Contact for more info.

SR 535 / 1 hour

-1 student per instructor
-Group lessons are up to 4 students per instructor sharing 1 kite
-Prices for group lessons are for the complete lesson not per person.
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Our certified VDWS and IKO instructors will guide you through all the necessary steps to become an independent rider with the help of BbTalking radio helmets to improve communication and progress faster. We use short lines and strictly follow the highest safety standards in the industry, ensuring we build confidence and safety awareness among the new riders.


Just learned how to kite and don’t have your equipment yet? Are you on a trip?
We got you covered. At SWS, we provide you only with the latest Ozone, Crazy fly and Ocean Rodeo equipment, as well as other world-class brands. Demo tests are also available upon request when you want to buy your own equipment and want to try different options beforehand.

Downwinders and kite trips

Are you already riding? We got you covered. Join our community kite group to stay updated about upcoming events and kite trips all around the globe. We also provide private services for downwinders and kite trips. Providing an all-in-one solution, you focus on enjoying your riding, we take care of your lodging (Glamping or at one of our partnering hotels), food and beverage, by our in-house 5* chef, transport, and gear rental.