Depending on clients’ priorities, individual focus and phase of business, we offer a broad range of consulting services. Our clients benefit from our know-how already in the planning progress of new watersport projects, but mainly existing facilities and businesses require our services to develop new strategies for a professional and safe operation with maximum safety, customer satisfaction, and profit.



To be able to make conclusions and recommendations for new strategies, usually the first step in any consulting project is a detailed business case analysis. This includes an initial site visit to conclude assessment of location, local conditions and regulations, weather & tidal conditions, center set-up, sports & activities, business potential, required equipment, staff configuration and certifications and potential risks. We provide a detailed report with recommendations, strategies and timelines.​​

  • Developing of business concept incl. timelines, checklists, and standard guidelines
  • Quality insurance and critical care support to ensure a stable environment
  • Support to plan and/ or built watersports facility to professional standards and to guarantee efficient workflow
  • Adjusting business plan and operational structure to potentially changing conditions
  • Assisting in staff recruiting and developing of staff training programs
  • Assisting in equipment purchases and logistics
  • Staff training with focus on safety, quality, customer satisfaction and maximum sales
  • Support and execute staff and management
  • Support and enable team building
  • Ensure all measurements are in place right from the beginning to ensure operational readiness for end-to-end processes
  • Daily review of input and outcome of executed procedures


Whether a watersport facility is opening for the first time, a new operator is taking over an existing facility or a business is executing business improvement programs, accurate planning and keeping up with timelines and requirements is essential. We develop practical strategies and business concepts-assist our clients in accomplishing the set goals.



Often required by resorts, operators, insurances or local authorities, standardized processes and guidelines are an essential part of a safe and successful operation. We can fully develop guidelines and procedures or assist management in improving existing structures.

  • Detailed safety guidelines
  • Standardized and efficient daily business procedures
  • Detailed center and/ or company operational guidelines
  • Guidelines for staff and management incl. job descriptions
  • Developing of practical timelines for business strategies
  • Processes to daily review of input and outcome of executed procedures​
  • Developing of continuous staff development programs
  • Developing of marketing strategies and tools to ensure growing business
  • Assisting in brand development and corporate identity
  • Assisting in designing, planning, and executing marketing campaigns
  • Developing of on-spot marketing tools
  • Evaluation of marketing strategies for external marketing
  • Realizing of membership programs
  • Developing of travel solutions and holiday marketing
  • Assisting in development of networks of suitable tour operator and travel agent partners
  • Developing of marketing concepts on sports & travel exhibitions and trade shows


Every watersport project has individual requirements in developing appropriate marketing strategies. Depending on the target group and market conditions, marketing efforts must concentrate usually on internal guests of a hotel or resort, but also need to focus on potential customers from outside. External marketing strategies can also include travel arrangements to win additional customers or ensure repeater guests.



Continuous business improvement must be a set goal for every successful business. We can help developing the suitable targets and assist in tracking result regularly to accomplish the set goals. As part of our services, we offer regular audits and provide detailed reports.

  • Evaluation of as-is environment to allow benchmark comparison
  • Service improvement methodologies applied to individual needs and circumstances
  • Audit services incl. financial reviews and controlling process improvement.
  • Staff training programs and support in new recruitments
  • Long-term business auditing with regular reports
  • Management of equipment and support with maintenance and spare parts
  • Developing of strategies for business growth​