To ensure a safe and professional operation, qualified and motivated management and staff is vital. Through our partner associations we can assure highest quality standards and internationally acknowledged watersport liceses for staff and management, but also customers of watersport operations.

Staff Training & Certification​​​​​​​​​​

Staff need to be trained according to the developed guidelines and company standards to assure a safe and efficient operation. With the focus on the offered services, staff can be trained to successfull and customer friendly instruction techniques and piloting methods. Depending on clients’ focus, we can assure all staff has international licenses and organise training programs and certifications with our partner associations – enabling staff to certify customers.

Management training​​​​​​​​​​

The management of a watersport operation has many responisbilities and its training needs to have a special focus. Next to daily planning of staff, equipment, fleet, courses, excursions, marketing etc. according to weather conditions and demand, appropriate accounting and controling methods are essential for a succesfull business.

Safety & Rescue Training​​​​​​​​

Management and staff have to be prepared for any case of emergency to react in best case before something happens. Together we can develop safety guidelines according to the local conditions and offered services, and/ or develop training programs to assure highest possible safety standards.

Efficency & Sales Training​​​​​​​

A watersport business is only successfull, if the numbers make sense. Management and staff can be trained to set focus on minimizing costs and maximizing profit. We can help develop training programs with focus on efficency in daily operation, cost cutting and sales maximization.

​Team Building & Development​​​​​​​​

Team building programs can be developed and organized for management and core team of a watersport operation, including long-term staff development strategies. But also for business customers, team building programs according to the offerred sercives can be developed as an additional service and source of income.

Train-a-Trainer Programs​​​​​​​​​

Depending on the clients’ focus, we can develop special train-a-trainer programs. Selected staff can be trained and certified to certain levels to be able to train and certify cusomers on the one hand, but also new staff on the other hand.

Athlete & Cadre Training​​​​​​​​​​

For athletes, teams and cadres we offer individualized training packages with a professional focus. We can help developing strategies to compete successfully in interational contests and competitions.